‘I miss you.’

‘I love you.’

Almost always disingenuous. Said so flippantly and prematurely, they hold no value.

I met you last week Tuesday and thought you were interesting from our short interaction. It was mutual, so we exchanged numbers. It’s only been a week of shallow, sporadic texting. There’s no way you can hit me with an ‘I miss you’ and it be genuine. You’re still a stranger. Hell, we’re still on first name basis. And other than the 5-minute conversation we had when we first met, we haven’t interacted in person.

Cue in the pet names… ‘Babe.’ ‘Darling.’ ‘Sweetheart.’


Build a fucking connection with me first. Get to know me organically and let me do the same with you.

What are you trying to speed past? And do you really think I’ll fall for your sweet nothings?

I don’t care if you’re the most attractive man I’ve ever met, good looks alone will not keep my interest.

I’m not impressed by your money or status either.

Who are you as a person? How do you speak to and with people? To children? How do you treat animals? What do you enjoy doing on your free time? Are you self-aware? Are you healing your traumatic experiences, or have you already healed? How are you at conflict resolution? Who are you when you don’t get your way?

Only when there’s a firm foundation steeped in genuine affection and a conscious understanding of who both individuals are, can I even begin to appreciate a pet name. Or believe in the genuineness of someone saying, ‘I love you.’

As is I have experienced it as a manipulation tactic. Where someone thinks that flowery words will flatter me enough to grant them access to me, my inner world, my body…

The best connections I’ve had have been with people who lead with curiosity. A genuine desire to get to know me.

Flattery won’t always get you everywhere…

-Sweet Nothings.

I hope you enjoyed this short story.

To the best versions of ourselves,

Cira J.N.

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